Dr. Dietmar Stock, Zürich

Bilder versichern…aber mit Vorsicht

Dr. Dietmar Stock ist Kunstexperte in Zürich.


Modern Art/ Franz Marc/August Macke

Jean Marie Carey, Dunedin/Bavaria.

Confrontations and Conciliations

The two towers: Turm der blauen Pferde

Jean Marie Carey is PhD candidate in art history and Germanistik at the University of Otago, Dunedin. Her research concerns the avant-garde painters, particularly Franz Marc, and how they intersect with contemporary art. Carey has a masters degree in information science and works as a lecturer and archivist, dividing her time between New Zealand and Bavaria.

Blog: Errata – Art History . Animal Studies . German Modernism


 Old Master Paintings/Dutch Modern Paintings

Wendela Wagenaar-Burgemeister, Den Haag.

The Discovery of an early Toorop

Wendela Wagenaar-Burgemeister is an art historian, valuer and restorer of paintings working for an established Art Gallery in Amsterdam. She is also an independent fine art broker and advisor.



Reinfried Marass, Steyr.

Cannes Film Festival ’62 – Chasing Mrs Columbo Driving in Peugeot 403 Cabriolet

Reinfried Marass is an international Photographer and Storyteller. You will find more stories and photos by Reinfried Marass on his Website:



Dr. Martin Pracher, Würzburg

Cheer up young man, it could have been worse!

Dr. Martin Pracher is a publicly appointed and sworn expert for damage assessment of paintings and sculptures. He received his diploma and doctoral degree at the Technical University Munich in Restoration, Art Technology and Conservation Science. He runs an office for art expertise in Wuerzburg, Germany, where he focuses on the value and loss of value after a damage of artwork. He taught conservation of easel paintings in Tainan, Taiwan and currently holds a lectureship at a German University. Contact:










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