Janine Arnold Art Consulting

My name is Janine ArnoId. I studied History of Art, Italian as well as Archaeology in Vienna and Graz, Austria. I was not such much following an inner calling, but rather a spontaneous impulse upon a suggestion by an acquaintance of my parents. It turned out to be right for me: I stayed with it.

After my graduation I started a traineeship at the paintings department of Koller Auctions Zurich. ‘It’s nice to have you here, Ms. Arnold, but we don’t really need an employee’, I was told in the first week of my traineeship. However, my tasks kept growing. Soon, my traineeship was turned into a contract as specialist for paintings. In this position, I was able to view and handle many high-quality, original works of art.

The discussions with colleagues from other departments and the wealth of multi-discipline objects I encountered was greatly inspiring. I was working mostly on my own, which matched my individual work style.

After six eventful years in Zurich, in 2000 I opened my own gallery in Vienna, dealing in paintings and antiques. The fact that I speak several languages apart from German – French, English and Italian – is very convenient when interacting with contacts from abroad. Over the years I have been able to build a stable international network.
I have been active as an Art Consultant since 2009. In addition, I was appointed as sworn and court-certified expert in Vienna. Art, history and value have remained my specific fields of interest, which I would like to share with you on this blog.

What can I do for you?
Owing to more than 25 years of practice, I can perceive matters from various angles. Whether buying or selling art, supervising your collection or valuation, there are often several solutions which may be more favourable than you’d expect – and worth more than my fee.

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